In-chat peer engagement and recognition system

A bot that records small officially recognized encouragements and ‘thank you’s that normally aren’t verbalized.

Karma bot encourages:

  • Teammates appreciation
  • Micro-feedback
  • Performance tracking
  • Instant and long-term rewards

Based on employees’ actions a performance report can be generated for management review. The report contains valuable HR insights on daily activity.

Team mates can now reward each other with karma points. Karma encourages everyone to work better, deliver faster, improves performance and maximizes efficiency.

Karma bot builds user profiles and provides the team leaders with actionable HR insights, introducing a healthy competition that fosters effectiveness.

Karma bot comes with the dashboard that helps to stay on top of your team activity and visualizes the stats. Feel the pulse of your team - install Karma bot today.

Karma in 2019

In 2️⃣0️⃣1️⃣9️⃣ we grew 5x, topped $100k ARR and kept NPS mostly over +75.

  • 👍 307,899 Karma sent
  • 🤝 33,360 People sent/got karma
  • 👏 4,001 Active teams
  • 🎁 2,077 Rewards purchased
  • 💎 6,514 Company values endorsed
  • 🙏 4,835 ’Thank you’s
  • 🌟 4,511 ’Awesome!’s

Top reactions: 👍😂❤️👌🎉

Using Slack or MS Teams at work? Try Karma. It’s good.

What Our Customers Say

‘What’s really handy is proving feedback “in-the-moment” without having to wait until the monthly or annual review. Also - no such thing as “too small of a job well done” which is an excellent and fun way to keep the team engaged’ – Consultant in Civil Engineering, Mid-Market(501-1000 employees)

“Sharing Karma around quickly became a habit” – Administrator in Information Technology and Services, Small-Business(11-50 employees)

“Great tool to boost peer recognition and add some fun to slack” – says Mariyana G, Development Manager, Mid-Market(201-500 employees)

“A great tool to create positive culture for a remote team” – says Tomohiro T, CEO, Small-Business(2-10 employees)

“Karma boosts the positive feedback for our team” – says Dalen A, Team Manager, Small-Business(11-50 employees)

“The ability for teams to define their own rewards for redemption, the leaderboards, the visibility it brings to what people are being recognised for, the ability to define our core values and tag a value against a karma reason!” – says John B, CTO, Mid-Market(201-500 employees)

“The best tool for motivation and rewarding remote team in Slack!” – Roman N, Small-Business(2-10 employees)

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