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Introducing Reports for Karma MS Teams

Vlad Sadovenko
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Nov 27, 2018 · 1 min read
Introducing Reports for Karma MS Teams
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The Millennial and Gen Z workforce wants feedback with recency, consistency, and the opportunity to improve. With increasing transparency enhanced by analytics and technology, employees are expecting a more engaging and enjoyable work experience.

Today’s company ecosystem integrates engagement, culture and performance management. Companies that meet the new challenges are more likely to be rewarded by higher productivity and employee loyalty.

Karma bot is a customisable pro-growth performance management system which

  • Streamlines the analytics process providing management with the speed to act insights;
  • Bridges the communication gaps between team and management;
  • Utilises the potential of analytics and technology to unleash peak performance in people.

Karma bot profile screenshot To get the report, head over to Stats tab > Download PDF

Manager can request a report within a specific date range for any team member.

Karma bot report

Karma bot gathers micro-feedback on chats and tracks in-chat team performance. Karma bot helps team mates to share karma points and provide micro-feedback on a regular basis via simple set of commands:

@Karma @user ++ for fixing that annoying bug

Karma bot tour screenshot

Karma bot lets managers

  • Configure performance metrics;
  • Get actionable HR insights for performance reviews;
  • Review full employee profiles.

On the other hand, Karma bot features a team engagement toolkit with

  • Leaderboards /k top
  • Personal stats /k me
  • Visualised profiles.

Karma bot has been motivating teams around the globe since 2016. Powered by natural language processing and machine learning, it transforms karma requests into actionable reports. Managers no longer feel disconnected from daily in-chat activity. Employees rest assured that extra efforts are recognised and fairly rewarded.

Hundreds of new teams join us monthly. Check out for more.

Vlad Sadovenko
Vlad Sadovenko
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