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Karma Bot for MS Teams Gets Major Update

Stas Kulesh
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Apr 29, 2019 · 3 mins read
Karma Bot for MS Teams Gets Major Update
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Your in-chat peer recognition tool

Teammates can now reward each other with karma points. Karma encourages everyone to work better, deliver faster, improves performance and maximizes efficiency.

Karma bot is a chatbot that collects and processes in-chat data to build comprehensive performance reports and improve people culture. It lifts up the team morale while providing valuable insights for the leaders.

The bot has more than 5000 weekly users, 750 new teams register weekly.

karma demonstration Try this interactive demo 👆

The problem we’re solving

Chats are taking over business world communication. Microsoft Teams growth (3x in 2018) is probably the best example of the drastic changes happening right now. Remote work is also more and more common: teams are getting less personable and more diverse. Inclusivity for a distributed team of 20+ people (average Karma bot customer) is a tough topic.

Many teams are wandering into the unfamiliar chat environment not knowing what to do: how to keep their employees motivated, engaged, happy? New positions such as ‘People culture specialist’ are established. Diversity and most importantly inclusion are vital for a healthy workplace.

For example, MS Teams is a very flexible free-text chat tool. Usually, teams come up with some internal set of rules that helps to track performance, note down micro-achievements. That may work just fine in small groups when everyone is on the same page, and it’s easy to keep track of things: a single pinned post with simple notes easily does the job. However, this is not feasible in larger teams (50+).

Bigger teams use pro-active “pulse surveys” that check engagement, satisfaction, happiness. Such tools seem to be working well (e.g. + Leo bot). Some of the disadvantages are:  — ‘Oversurveying’ — talent gets annoyed by soulless automated surveys  — Difficult to understand results — survey results interpretation is not a simple task, we learned that from Thematic.  — Bias  — Privacy and anonymity

Karma bot is a passive, non-intrusive tool: it gathers feedback and analyses it. For example, on MS Teams, one can leave a reaction, or do a shout-out ‘Thanks @user! Awesome job’.

global settings screenshot

This will drown in the chat noise: no record, no way to add this token of appreciation and recognition to the person’s profile. We promote forming a habit of using karma for such praise. ‘@user ++ Awesome job!’ will get tracked by Karma bot. It will record:  — value (magnitude of appreciation)  — time  — place (project)  — context (description)

profiles list tab

The bot will use natural language processing to categorise this karma request and map it onto company values (e.g. ‘Teamwork’).

karma top list

Ultimately, we set the scene for long-term data collection, and the primary value comes out of performance reports and employee evaluation: Karma bot gathers data and provides snapshots for managers.

Become a better leader: build stronger, happier teams

Karma bot builds user profiles. It helps employees to address their weaknesses and provides the team leaders with actionable HR insights, introducing a healthy competition that fosters effectiveness.

Based on employees’ actions a performance report can be generated for management review. The report contains valuable HR insights on a daily activity.

Karma bot comes with the dashboard that helps to stay on top of your team activity and visualizes the stats.

Feel the pulse of your team — add Karma bot today.

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Stas Kulesh
Stas Kulesh
Written by Stas Kulesh
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