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Karma Bot for Slack Supports Slack Actions Now

David Kravitz
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Jun 14, 2018 · 1 min read
Karma Bot for Slack Supports Slack Actions Now
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Isn’t it easier to just use buttons, rather than having to memorise a bunch of commands? Sure it is! We’ve added a cool feature for Karma bot Slack users.

Karma bot Actions enable a single continuous workflow and empower users to take decisive action via interactive buttons, making it more intuitive with progressively evolving responses.

Karma bot quick actions screenshot

Less typing, more tapping and clicking. No need to type @username ++ anymore, simply click the icon and convert any Slack message into Karma request. Handy!

Karma bot actions demo

How to access Quick Actions:

1. Click the icon to convert any Slack message into Karma request. 2. Use Actions commands: /karma /k /karma create 3. Mention the bot: @karmabot

@user karma requests

user karma request

#channel karma requests

channel karma request

In-chat support

Have a question or need a helping hand? Just ask it right here in Slack using Support action button.

in-chat support

You will get a respond only visible to you from our support team. How cool is that?

in-chat support screenshot

Karma bot is a wonderfully useful tool for tracking performance, handling promotions, assigning actual monetary rewards and bonuses, together with deciding on salary appraisals. The Karma bot is both transparent and fair.

Karma bot 30-day free trial available!

David Kravitz
David Kravitz
Written by David Kravitz
I run a digital studio in Auckland, New Zealand. Karma bot co-founder.