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Karma Bot for Telegram Is Launched!

David Kravitz
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Jun 29, 2018 · 1 min read
Karma Bot for Telegram Is Launched!
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Spurred on by the success of Karma bot for Slack and Microsoft Teams, we decided to try something different, so we launched Karma bot for Telegram.

Telegram has been one of the pioneering messaging platforms for bots. It’s bot API has been around since July 2015.

No wonder it’s so popular among all kind of groups — communities, friends, families, small and mid-sized businesses. Even big companies use it .

Karma bot allows teammates to reward each other with karma points. It helps building stronger and happier teams, rewards excellence and streamlines businesses. Karma points can be converted into a monetary bonus.

Karma bot comes with the dashboard that helps to stay on top of your team activity and visualises the stats.

How it works

  1. Add @nanokarmabot to your team.
  2. Authorise using you Telegram login.
  3. Choose the language, make a new group, set the group name.
  4. You’re all set, start awarding users with karma.

Short karma request

@user ++

Full karma request

@user ++ comment #hashtag

Comment — is the description of the reason for the karma request.

#hashtag — tags karma requests. Could be a name of the project, category etc.

To give a few karma points

@user N++ comment #hashtag

N — is the number of karma points

Same format applies for karma deduction

@user -- comment #hashtag


@user N-- comment #hashtag


/top — leaderboard. /help — list of commands. /dash — dashboard link.

Karma encourages to work better, deliver faster, improves performance and maximises efficiency.

Feel the pulse of your team — add Karma bot for Telegram today, while it’s 100% FREE!

David Kravitz
David Kravitz
Written by David Kravitz
I run a digital studio in Auckland, New Zealand. Karma bot co-founder.