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Karma Bot Performance Is Out!

Stas Kulesh
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Nov 14, 2018 · 4 mins read
Karma Bot Performance Is Out!
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Chat is the new email: the growth metrics in the industry — Slack, MS Teams, Telegram, Discord — are hitting through the roof. In such exciting times, Karma bot team is glad to get involved at the early stage.

Karma is a bot for managing teams on chats. Through the extensive reports and micro-feedback it gives managers detailed insights on teammates’ performance.

It’s a tool for gathering micro-feedback on chats. The bot works on Slack, MS Teams and Telegram and tracks in-chat team performance (‘karma’, very similar to Product Hunt/Reddit concepts) via simple set of commands:

@user++ for fixing that annoying bug

Problem <> Solution

Karma bot helps team mates to share karma points and provide micro-feedback on a regular basis. These rewards are instant.

share micro feedback banner big

It’s super-easy to send @user++ request and quickly note done a little achievement of one of your colleagues. In the long run, the records help team leaders to recognise best performers and strong communicators.

upvoting motivates

A tiny token of appreciation from a boss, such as ‘Well done, thanks heaps for helping with this!’ — it will not drown in the daily noise of business chats. Good little deeds are visible now.

“Karma bot helps me reward my team and implement a recognition system into our organisation. It’s fantastic.” — Kenny Kiet Nguyen, President of the Minority Architecture Students organisation

To increase company’s efficiency by promoting effective employees, spotting weaknesses and helping employees to address them. Karma also leads to a healthy competition that fosters effectiveness.

karma top

“At the end of the month we check the rankings, and we have like a “developer of the month” kind of prize, so it’s cool to take negatives into the equation.” – Esteban Sanz, Senior Web Analyst at Trialpanel

The bot can automatically assign a category to each karma request and map it onto the company values. These metrics can be tracked and used for achieving long-term goals.

set goals

And at the end of the year/quarter, a simple appreciation token like @user++ for being a good sport can help an employee to get a bonus or a promotion.

get performace reports

And this is how Karma bot Performance is born. Individuals within each team have a powerful motivation to encourage and support their fellow team members; the more that each member contributes, the more the team as a whole benefits. The more that each team member feels valued and supported, the more motivation he or she has to contribute to the team.

“Karma bot reminds me of the importance of appreciation. The culture of sending little karma tokens to each other improves our team productivity.” – Yuta Matsuda, Co-Founder at Genomelink

It’s a long-term engagement

  1. The first level is simple: users gets individual (normal) karma for positive behaviour.
  2. Team karma is the next karma level. When the team delivers a part of the project, it receives a large chunk of team karma and distributes it among team members according to their shares.
  3. Long-term karma is the highest level: the whole team works towards delivery of more projects over a longer period of time. Transparency is a critical part of the Karma bot system, the admin can fine-tune visibility and processes in her team.

Micro-feedback & Millennials

There is a good body of evidence indicating that micro-feedback is working well. It works especially well with the millennials.

Dan Lake

Millennial Specialist, Founder Lead Coach Release

Dan Lake photo

Karma bot is on the forefront of the digital Microfeedback revolution. The Millennial and Gen Z workforce wants feedback with recency, consistency, and the opportunity to improve. Acknowledge performance in realtime and unleash what’s possible for your team’s performance, motivation, and growth.

Our customers

Customers that get the most value out of Karma bot are usually teams of 20+ size. At that scale in-chat communications become messy and the founders/managers begin to lose grasp on the current state of affairs in daily conversations: threads, channels, direct messages. At some point, it is hard to impossible to know who did a good job.

Approximately 77% of all Karma bot installs are done by business owners, senior management, heads of departments, CEOs or technical directors.

October stats

Karma bot Slack:

  • 2,417 active teams
  • Notable clients: VMWare, Nokia Video

Karma bot for MS Teams:

  •  2,063 teams
  • Microsoft HQ office in Seattle is using our product.

Karma bot Telegram (Free):

  • 142 teams

Karma bot has been motivating teams around the globe since 2016. Powered by natural language processing and machine learning, it transforms karma requests into actionable reports. Managers no longer feel disconnected from daily in-chat activity. Employees rest assured that extra efforts are recognised and fairly rewarded.

Hundreds of new teams join us monthly. Check out for more.

Stas Kulesh
Stas Kulesh
Written by Stas Kulesh
Karma bot founder. I blog, play fretless guitar, watch Peep Show and run a digital design/dev shop in Auckland, New Zealand. Parenting too.