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Karma Bot Status: In-Chat Time-Tracking and Reporting

Stas Kulesh
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Mar 19, 2019 · 1 min read
Karma Bot Status: In-Chat Time-Tracking and Reporting
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Imagine the following scenario, you’re a remote designer, coming online to do some work. Some Slack teams use ‘#status’ to raise a hand and say hi to everyone, some utilise bots that run daily standup and other semi-automated methods. Karma bot Status offers a non-intrusive way of tracking your tasks and time during the business day.

With Karma bot Status you’d simply need to type /k designing banners in #cool-project channel to:

  1. check in (start your business day, if you will)
  2. record task you’re working on

Each employee can set ‘Starting time’ and team leaders can track availability. Over time, the system will be able to tell if the person is reliable or not: “mostly on time”, “usually 20 mins late”.

status modal demonstration

Setting starting time like that really helps connecting people across different time zones. This helps to define at least one moment during the day when the employee is most likely available for a quick chat.

Catch up on Slack at the beginning of business day: check in, start a task, disconnect and finally do some deep work!

Reports are available to managers.

statuses report demonstration

What are your thoughts on the feature? Do you think it’s visual enough?

March stats

Karma bot Slack:

  • 1,603 active teams
  •  Notable clients: Datalex, NASA, VMWare, Nokia Video

Karma bot for MS Teams:

  • 3,435 teams
  • Microsoft HQ office in Seattle is using our product.

Karma bot Telegram (Free):

  •  250 teams

Karma bot has been motivating teams around the globe since 2016. Powered by natural language processing and machine learning, it transforms karma requests into actionable reports. Managers no longer feel disconnected from daily in-chat activity. Employees rest assured that extra efforts are recognised and fairly rewarded.

Hundreds of new teams join us monthly. Check out for more.

Stas Kulesh
Stas Kulesh
Written by Stas Kulesh
Karma bot founder. I blog, play fretless guitar, watch Peep Show and run a digital design/dev shop in Auckland, New Zealand. Parenting too.