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Peer Recognition With Karma Bot Can Boost Team Culture

Stas Kulesh
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Dec 09, 2019 · 3 mins read
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Who doesn’t love to feel appreciated? We all crave a little bit of recognition every once in a while, even if we don’t admit to it.

You know, that buzz when you have helped a colleague and it has made their day. Whilst it may have seemed like a small thing to you, their gratitude suddenly excels you into a feeling of being appreciated and recognized for your efforts. From this energy, you can go on to feel empowered and have a more productive day.

This is the difference ​Karma can make to your team, known as intrinsic motivation. Being driven by internal rewards, intrinsic motivation is a positive behavior where individuals participate in activities resulting in feeling naturally satisfied.

By motivating each employee to reach their individual goals, Karma bot will boost the effectiveness of your team. The simple act of recognition in the workplace can be enough to significantly change the trajectory of your team’s output for the better.

Karma Company Profiles

Appreciation and recognition can give your team members confidence in their ability to provide your company with value. If an employee has done an exceptional job in a particular area of their workload, this can be highlighted using Karma, to show that you recognize their efforts.

It can be demoralizing for a team member’s efforts to go unrecognized by their managers and colleagues. This can make a team member feel as though their contribution to the company isn’t valued. As a team leader or manager, you should make sure the hard work of a team doesn’t go unnoticed.

Every individual in a team will have different strengths and this is where Karma bot truly nurtures each and every one of them. By boosting self-esteem and morale within your team, your business will go from strength to strength as the overall productivity starts to increase.

Offering a truly personalized experience, Karma encourages positive behaviors in your team by embedding your company’s own beliefs, objectives and values into the bot. + Karma bot

Just recently, we were delighted to win a tournament at ​Pioneer,​ a fully remote accelerator dedicated to supporting projects and startups by ambitious outsiders around the world - just like us!

Karma is here to help

With seamless integration into Slack, ​Karma bot​ is an intuitive peer recognition system placed at the core of your team’s daily operations.

For more than two years we have been building and constantly improving Karma. It is peer appreciation and recognition system for business chats.

Karma Chats

As you could see above, the burnout is real and turnover costs are mounting.

How much does your team appreciation cost? Check out our interactive Return on Investment Calculator.

  • ⭐ 10m+ karma requests shared
  • ⭐ Featured at Slack and Microsoft Teams marketplaces
  • ⭐ 10k+ teams
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Karma Testimonials

“Great tool to boost peer recognition and add some fun to slack” – says Mariyana G, Development Manager, Mid-Market(201-500 employees)

“A great tool to create positive culture for a remote team” – says Tomohiro T, CEO, Small-Business(2-10 employees)

“Karma boosts the positive feedback for our team” – says Dalen A, Team Manager, Small-Business(11-50 employees)

“The ability for teams to define their own rewards for redemption, the leaderboards, the visibility it brings to what people are being recognised for, the ability to define our core values and tag a value against a karma reason!” – says John B, CTO, Mid-Market(201-500 employees)

Add Karma bot to Slack for your team today!

Try Free Karma for Slack (and Microsoft Teams) today: free interactive demo below

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Stas Kulesh
Stas Kulesh
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