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Top 20 Ideas For Remote Team Bonding

Stas Kulesh
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Feb 07, 2020 · 5 mins read
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Despite the distance, there are plenty of group activities that your remote teams can engage in to help them bond and get to know each other. Here at Karma, we’ve outlined a list of 20 ideas that you could very easily adopt.

20 ideas that you could very easily adopt

#1 ​Virtual Team Meetings​

​Virtual Team Meetings​ are an exciting opportunity for your remote team members to get some face-to-face time. There’s only some much that can be achieved by typing away via email or Slack.

#2 Friday Spotify Playlist

Who have you got your ​Friday Spotify Playlist ​set up? During the week, encourage your team members to individually pick three songs that will go into a group Spotify playlist. Upon listening on Friday, they can each share why they picked the songs, creating opportunities for conversation.

#3 Netflix Club

Netflix Club

Is your team filled with binge-watchers? Why not start a ​Netflix Club​? Once a week, on a lunch break, team members can talk about what you’ve been watching on Netflix. Several of your team members may have similar tastes in shows, bringing common interests to light.

#4 Ask Me Anything Sessions with Team Leaders

Ask Me Anything Sessions with Team Leaders

Have you ever scrolled through AMA subreddits? ​Ask Me Anything Sessions with Team Leaders ​are a great opportunity to promote transparency across your workforce. It is also a chance for team members to collectively raise any queries or concerns that they may have.

#5 Lunchtime Cook-Along Club

Lunch Cook Along

Ready! Steady! Cook! Why not host a ​Lunchtime Cook-Along Club​ via a video call? Team members can follow recipes to create some delicious snacks for the afternoon ahead, all whilst bonding and getting to know eachother.

#6 Secret Santa

When we get closer to Christmas, you could organize a ​Secret Santa event for your team. To avoid extortionate shipping costs, you could limit the gifts to only being digital products, such as vouchers.

#7 Live Stream Events​

Will your company be heading to any conventions, such as trade shows, in the near future? You could ​Live Stream Events​ to make everyone feel like they are part of a collective mission to make the company more successful.

#8 Meme Group Chat​

Have you considered starting a ​Meme Group Chat​? Introduce some light-heartened banter into the working day with a stream of funny pictures and jokes for people to scroll through on high-pressure days.

#9 Coffee Break Club

Coffee Break Club

Can you make the perfect brew? Why not start a ​Coffee Break Club where you can learn from each other and bond over a shared love of hot beverages.

#10 ​Lunchtime Book Club

Have you been reading an absolute page-turner? With a ​Lunchtime Book Club​, team members can share their thoughts on their favorite books whilst listening to others.

#11 ​Friday Bingo Game

Did someone say bingo? Who doesn’t love a game of bingo? A ​Friday Bingo Game ​is a bit of uplighting fun before your team finishes for the weekend.

#12 Gaming Sessions

Do you have any rabid gamers in your team. You could encourage them to start to have a few ​Gaming Sessions ​every once in a while, bringing the team closer together through collective interests.

#13 Current Affairs Quiz​

Who doesn’t love a Friday? You can make it even better with a Current Affairs Quiz​. With an international team, you can put their knowledge of world events to the test.

#14 Photograhy Competition

Photo Competition

If you work with a creative team, a ​Photograhy Competition ​can help to keep your remote team active, encouraging them to explore the outdoors on their lunch breaks and breathe in some fresh air!

#15 Ultimate Bucket List

Ultimate Bucket List

Do you know the dreams and ambitions of your team members? Ask each team member to send their ​Ultimate Bucket List​.

#16 ​The Donut Team Building Extension​

Does your team collaborate through Slack? ​The Donut Team Building Extension​ ​can introduce people who don’t know each other well on teams of all sizes via direct message.

#17 Personal Facts Guessing Game

Personal Facts Guessing Game

How much do your remote co-workers know about each other? You could play a ​Personal Facts Guessing Game ​to gain some surprising and potentially unexpected insights into the lives of those you work with.

#18 Nice Intros

Are you getting ready to introduce a new member of your team? ​The Aloha! Slack Extension​ can gently onboard newbies, helping them get a sense of the team values and community standards.

#19 Geographical Fun Facts​

With an international team, you could create a map of ​Geographical Fun Facts​, enabling every team member to learn something new about the many cultures that their co-workers come from.

#20 Gamify Through Rewards and Points

Offer positive feedback and peer recognition to every team member with ​Karma For Slack​ or Karma for MS Teams.

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Karma can foster a high-performance remote team culture. We help to build stronger, happier teams through consistent positive reinforcement from leaders. Ready to start adding peer recognition into your remote team communications? Drive productivity in your remote team today by adding Karma to Slack​.

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Stas Kulesh
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