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Embracing the Core Company Values Through Karma

More and more companies are taking their values to the next level, and for good reason.

In Startup, Karma bot, HR, Company Culture, Company Values, Mar 11, 2019

MS Teams Emulator for Karma Bot

Karma bot is a performance management tool that integrates engagement and improves culture on Microsoft Teams.

In Microsoft Teams, Chatbots, Performance Management, HR, Dec 05, 2018

Introducing Reports for Karma MS Teams

The Millennial and Gen Z workforce wants feedback with recency, consistency, and the opportunity to improve. With increasing transparency enhanced by analytics and technology, employe...

In Slack, Bot, Slackbot, Time Tracking, Time Tracking Software, Nov 27, 2018

Managing Karma Bot Options

Since every team is different, your Karma bot experience largely depends on the goals your team aims to achieve via Karma bot and the way you use the bot.

In Chatbots, HR, Project Management, Karma bot, Slackbot, Oct 09, 2018

Everything You’ve Ever Wanted to Know About Karma Bot GDPR Compliance

According to your data privacy policy, Karma bot collects information that may include but is not limited to Email address, First name and last name, Cookies and Usage Data. What othe...

In Privacy, Slackbot, Bots, Karma bot, Team Management, Sep 11, 2018

Karma Supports Custom Company Values Now

The Karma bot customer is the actual product designer. This is the way we’ve been developing the bot from day one.

In Artificial Intelligence, Karma bot, Slackbot, HR, Project Management, May 22, 2018