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Embracing the Core Company Values Through Karma

Vlad Sadovenko
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Mar 11, 2019 · 2 mins read
Embracing the Core Company Values Through Karma
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More and more companies are taking their values to the next level, and for good reason.

Take control of your company’s values and guide the culture with Karma bot’s Values feature. A tiny token of appreciation from a colleague or boss, such as ‘Well done, thanks heaps for helping with this!’ — will not drown in the daily noise of business chats.

Powered by natural language processing and machine learning, it transforms karma requests into actionable reports. Managers no longer feel disconnected from daily in-chat activity. Employees rest assured that extra efforts are recognised and fairly rewarded.

Set your own values

values settings screenshot By default, Karma bot is set to recognise 5 values

  • Above & Beyond
  • Goals
  • Reliability
  • Communications
  • Teamwork

Since every company has its own values that make their business stand apart, you can now tailor Karma bot to the unique needs of your company.

To set your own Values, please head over to the Options page and unlock custom Values feature.

Please note:

  • Pre-set Values will be turned off.
  • All existing karma requests will be marked as non-categorised.
  • This action is irreversible and cannot be undone.

Karma bot needs some time to collect enough data and do the magic. Moderator has to set Values for 30–50 karma requests for each custom value first.

Customizing values screenshot Setting value emoji screenshot

Nail your own company values and customise them by setting specific values, descriptions, colour which will reflect in the user’s profile, or even by adding emoji. How cool is that!?


values list screenshot

To help communicate and support the values you set, we’ve added a simple command:

/k value

Karma bot makes it more effective, translating values from words on paper into company culture — do core values shout-outs, awards based on values performance reviews etc.

Excel & improve

sample profiles list

Excellence and improvement come together. Compare feature allows the team leader to analyse how an employee is doing with regard to company values and where they can do better. It also allows the team leader to compare user profiles within the team, sorted by specific value.

Karma bot comes with 30-days full-featured free trial.

Got questions? Book a free one-on-one product demo.

Vlad Sadovenko
Vlad Sadovenko
Written by Vlad Sadovenko
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