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Set Your Slack Status Straight!

Stas Kulesh
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Jul 03, 2018 · 1 min read
Set Your Slack Status Straight!
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Did you know, that Karma bot can handle Slack statuses for you?

In March we introduced Karma bot Status feature, which is simply time-tracking in Slack.

Type a super short line like this in a Slack channel:

/k update

k update command shortlink

This will record a task update in #_general channel started at the time you’ve sent it in. It will appear under Status section of Karma bot dashboard. You’ll be marked as green and the task will be visible to Karma bot moderators.

status page screenshot

Then take a short break.

/k break

Sushi time! On Karma bot Status, It will be recorded as a blank space in-between tasks.

k break command sample

k break command demo

Getting back to work? Type /k back to work update font Notice Slack status changing: it will be obvious to all – you are busy.

k task command sample

Finishing for today, disconnecting and going offline to enjoy some Netflix and chill? Type /k finish

k finish command sample

A loud and clear ❌ will mark you unavailable, closed for business.

Cool, I want that

To enable auto-status feature:

  1. Go to
  2. Visit Options page > Status section

status options screenshot

Enable Status and Auto-status checkbox will appear

Note, users will have to re-login using the same link in order to allow Karma bot change their Slack status.

Stas Kulesh
Stas Kulesh
Written by Stas Kulesh
Karma bot founder. I blog, play fretless guitar, watch Peep Show and run a digital design/dev shop in Auckland, New Zealand. Parenting too.